suspension shop

rider Specific set ups  and servicing

Suspension tuning isn't about changing springs and twisting clickers, here at MotoKote's Suspension Department we completely strip down the Bike faults, riders weight, ability and riding characteristics and build the suspension to suit. Once we have the set up Customized around you, we go testing to fine tune the bike to get the perfection your wanting on your ride, our goal with your set up is to get you always wanting more seat time and less time trying to find a better setting.

At MotoKote we use only the Best brands on your suspension, using OEM and SKF for your seals and bushes, genuine factory line components and Bud Racing for to fine tune your suspension just that little bit extra.

Servicing your suspension is a must when it comes to keeping your bike feeling how it should, to us "just a leaking fork seal" isn't just that. Those small things all alter the characteristics of your bike and create a inconsistent feel that you aren't use to with in your bike. Leaking seals is caused from several things and in return can cause extreme wear and damage if not repaired correctly in time.

Noticing changes in your suspension can also mean its time for a service. Things from Warped or "domed" midvalve shims and the loss of viscosity in your oil from excessive heat, will all cause abnormal handling characteristics in your suspension. This will need to be repaired before further damaged is caused. 


As part of our rider specific set ups we offer custom build packages. In these custom build packages we customize particular components that aren't designed or no longer manufactured for your suspension and completely re design the housing and reconfigure the internal constructions to allow fitment with a performance enhancement with in your suspension. From using Xtrig Preload Adjusters and KYB factory Triple adjuster from other models and brands to retro fitting them to make your "old looking" or "old designed" shocks to look like a new style factory line shock at a third of the cost while all being completely designed around you.