TIn and Dlc Performance coating 

Ti-nitride (tin)

Titanium nitride or best known as TiN is a titanium based coating 

Diamond like Carbon (DLC)

Diamond-like carbon coating, otherwise known as DLC coating or amorphous carbon coating, is the name given to a range of thin-film hard coatings used to protect, strengthen, and enhance various parts from drill bits to the engines of racecars and medical devices. DLC coatings can be applied to nearly all metals, metal alloys, and also on nonmetals such as silicon, glass, ceramics, plastics, and others. Though it is only “diamond-like” carbon, the coating does have some of the properties of its namesake including extreme hardness, resistance to wear/scratches, chemical inertness, low friction, lubricity/smoothness, and electrical insulation.

In motorcycle applications DLC coatings are used to enhance engine components to improve performance of components and decrease wear. They are used on suspension fork tubes, shock shafts and internal engine components to reduce friction and wear. In motorcycles the difference is enough to boost performance of suspension by having lower friction and heat that can create fork and shock fade over lengthy motos. When using DLC in engine components, it Creates smooth action of crank pins and extended wear and life of the part and in gear boxes creates smooth changes between gears and less drag on the gear box when de-accellerating.